Saturday, February 03, 2018

Key words

Key words when learning a new or old asana.
These key words also help to understand an asana.
They can give hints on which part it makes sense to work.

1. Weight.
I don't want to focus too much on that topic, even though it's important. Some asanas are only possible, when I have a certain weight. It's easier to pick me up when preparing the vinyasas and and and......

2. Strength.
Strength can be exercised isolated. In order to come up from laghu vajrasana I need strength. It's the same for many other back bending asanas

3. Flexibility.
It makes sense to differentiate. I stretch the front of my hips when I practice forward split. The chest can be opened with different exercises.

4. Technique.
To keep strong legs all the time is the trick here. In order to give the body an impulse it makes sense to move the knees inwards. It's rather to move the hips forward than upwards.

5. Repetition.
To repeat asanas helps to get deeper.

6. Daily practice
It's an open secret. If one wants to be flexible one has to practice daily.

7. Duration
I think to hold an asana 5 breaths is often not long enough.

8. Checking the progress via pictures or movies
This can help to avoid mistakes. Realizing that asanas improved is a huge motivation to keep practicing.

These key words are hints how to learn an asana. It's not only the what that is important, but also the how.

At home I can focus on asanas I want to learn. This is a huge advantage.
Perhaps even more important I can adjust the practice to my needs.

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