Friday, February 09, 2018

I progress

I progress. I get stronger again. Also today I did all the vinyasas of primary series. It was hard. That's how it is. To get stronger again is hard work. My practice lasted 90 minutes. It was a concentrated practice. I didn't like to interrupt it. The picture is from last week. 

At the end of my practice I whisper: Thank you. So much is possible. As yoginis we strive for a healthy body, that is we train our body to get strong and flexible and relaxed at the same time.

We also exercise contentment. One day we're weak, the other day we are super flexible. We observe and move on, don't we? We practice detachment from the daily ups and downs. This is challenging, too.

To detach from the daily stories that the mind creates can be as difficult as doing handstand.
After a yoga practice I usually have interrupted the repeating stories of my mind. After the yoga practice that implies focusing on the breath I often have a refreshed view of things. Often I'm relaxed, new perspectives can be seen. I feel so much better after each practice. This motivates me to step on the mat.

Observe what is and move on. Don't give proud and frustration too much attention. It's just another story. It's relative. Also feelings change, often very quickly. Inhale and exhale. I think that's what a daily practice wants to tell us.

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