Monday, February 05, 2018

Habits, that make a difference

In January I reflected on habits.

First a definition: A habit is something we do on a regular basis that lasts let's say under 5 minutes, often it's shorter. It's quickly done. It can have a huge influence on one's life. There are positive habits like getting up early and negative habits like smoking. Sometimes one must be a detective to find these little habits that are often performed unconsciously.

One of my favorite habit is to take an ice cold shower in the morning after the warm shower. It's so refreshing. I cultivate this habit since decades.
One of my habits that I wanted to eliminate is to buy a magazine when waiting in line in a grocery store. It costs me so much money and I don't have the time to read all that stuff.

Back to my yoga practice: I wondered if I have habits relating to that practice. The yoga practice is more than a habit. It deserves the name activity. It last longer than just 3 minutes. Much more energy flows into that action.

To dedicate the practice to someone can be a habit in the beginning.

A habit that motivates me is to write in a calender when I've practiced. It's so satisfying to write it down. To fill in the months of my calender with A1 and A2 (Ashtanga first series and Ashtanga second series) is such a little tiny action with a huge influence. I want to decorate the months with my A1 and A2. This tiny habits motivates me to practice.

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