Friday, February 09, 2018

Exploring back bending asanas with a strap

First picture: The idea is to stretch the legs. It's incredible difficult, but I saw a lady doing this.
Second picture: The idea is to walk the hands to the foot along the strap. This is also very difficult.

I'm not sure if these exercises make sense. Some exercises are more difficult than the asanas that I want to approach with these exercises. Yet one attempt is nothing.

There are so many crazy poses. I'm fascinated. Tiny changes can make a huge difference.

My favorite preparation asana for the back bending asanas are the forward splits. Then next exercise is walking down the wall with the hands. This stretches the upper body. To repeat these two exercises already makes a difference. It prepares the body perfectly for the asanas, like kapotasana and urdhva dhanurasana. I could aim for 5 repetitions of these preparation exercises. I could aim for holding the poses 1 minute. A minute can be rather long.

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