Sunday, February 04, 2018

Bringing mind and body together

So many fantasies cross my mind. I feel over motivated. When I don't practice I search the Internet for additional asanas that could help me to master all the challenging back bending asanas. The mind considers a second practice every day to reach again the level before my back injury.

Yet I so know that when I'm on the mat again, the body seems lame in comparison to my mind who is greedy to accomplish the goals. More. Faster. Again. This is the mind. Yet the body needs time and love and understanding. Be patient with me. Give me time, it whispers.

My online doctor from New Zealand warned me not to inflame the back again. Avoid pain is the advice. This means not overdoing things. Being patient is important.

It reminds me why I practice yoga. I always wanted to practice something that I can do till let's say 100. Life needn't aggravate when getting older, I heard once from a famous yogi in the community. Staying strong, staying flexible is the goal (but not doing handstand or reaching my calves when doing urdhva dhanurasana). Perhaps it's possible. Yet the modest goal 'to stay fit till the end' is difficult to measure.:Yoga shall help me to stay young. I'd like to live an active life as long as possible.

I got up early. Sunday is the second series day. For me it translates to focus on back bending. I usually practice till after the twists. Last week I bought two new blocks. They have a different height than those that I have already. They are heavier.

Enough said. Time to start my practice........

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