Thursday, February 08, 2018


The picture shows the classic pose. In the past I was able to reach the floor with my fingers. In the end position the heels touch the floor. It's a long journey down. The past is over. I pick myself up where I am now. In order to prepare this pose some yoginis practice eka pada bhekasana. They put one leg in the position while  the other leg remains stretched. Then they alter legs. My favorite preparation is to lie on my back with the legs bent and the feet next to the body. This stretches the thighs enormously. 

There are always preparation poses, easier variations of a pose and more demanding ones. 
This morning I searched the Internet and found a more demanding variation called supta bhekasana. In this version the back faces the floor and it's rounded. The hands press the feet upwards. I was astonished how difficult it is. I used blocks to explore the version. My knees are in the air. I can try to move them toward the floor. 

Another interesting variation is to do eka pada bhekasana in ustrasana. I'll explore this asana next time. 

To get a good adjustment in bhekasana is wonderful. Sometimes there is no substitute for a good teacher. 

My focus was back bending today. 90 Minutes  is enough. After my intensive back bending asanas I was no more able to do the twists. Fine. Flexibility has many levels. By now I cannot move from intensive back banding asanas to intensive forward bending asanas or intensive twists. The body doesn't allow it. I don't mind. Tomorrow I'll focus again on forward bending asanas.

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