Thursday, January 04, 2018

My new year starts today

It is difficult to practice when travelling. I'm prepared, that is my yoga mat travels always with me. But when the rooms are not warm enough, I don't want to stretch. These days I want to feel unobserved when I'm on the mat. I want to focus on my body without any distraction.

Last night I couldn't sleep. It was the early morning, when I finally slept. Of course I didn't get up at 6 am. I can also practice yoga in the afternoon. The body is more flexible later of the day. Shall the beginning of the year be soft.

It feels good to be at home again. Almost two days we were in the car and my lower back didn't complain. This is a good omen.

It's Thursday today and back bending is on the schedule.
I'm so motivated to practice as I know that the practice betters my life. I exercise to focus on the breath and not on the stories that the mind creates all day long. To stop thinking gives so much relief. To interrupt the stories that are created by the mind all day long need a break. Stories are nothing but stories. We confuse them with the truth.
To practice yoga, to breath, to gaze at my toes or at another point of my body, reminds me to bring the mind to the presence. All stories are fiction. They might bring joy or the opposite, but they are stories. To practice yoga reminds me of that fact.

Contentment can be found when breathing consciously. It can be found when everything is calm and peaceful.

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