Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Back to my fav challenges

Yesterday primary.
Today second series.

Yesterday's focus was forward bending and strength.
Today's focus was back bending.

Today is the 21st of November. I was glad that I was able to practice (with almost no pain in the back). I found my own way to practice. The series is my guideline, but I feel free to adjust it to my current needs.

I'm on my own these days. This is nothing related to yoga only. There comes the day where you have to go your own way. I go my own way now. I approach my yoga practice in a flexible and attentive way.

Second series has 11 back bending asanas, dhanurasana included.
Kapotasana is one of the most difficult asanas, but my body allows to do this asana. I have plans how to get there.

1. I'll label posts as 'kapotasana'. To document the journey is always a good idea.
2. I'll create asana routines that I'll practice before this pose. By now I practice always hanumanasana, split pose before kapotasana, to stretch the front of the hips. It's so helpful.
It could be also useful to find routines in order to stretch the chest muscles.
3. Repetition and holding the pose longer than only 5 breaths is a good idea, too.

By now, I'm glad that I practice again. I'm glad that it is possible and that I have no pain afterwards. This makes it so much more likely to practice again.

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