Friday, September 15, 2017

It's late

It's late, it's Friday night.

I neglected my blog, because I thought I don't have to write a lot about yoga. Fact is, I practice, then my back pain returns, I stop with yoga, after a while I feel better, I start again....

From time to time I get a comment from readers who follow my blog for years. This touches me a lot. It motivates me also to keep writing. Life is so interesting. This blog needn't to be about yoga all the time.

Time to go to bed. I had bought new sheets lately. Tonight I changed the sheets. Everything is white now. To jump in a fresh bed with new sheets is great. It's as if one sleeps among white clouds.

Tomorrow more......

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Anna said...

I have an expensive organic duvet and mattress and my bedlinen is always white or cream - and organic cotton. I change my sheets every few days and I regularly air my mattress. I love the feel of freshly-laundered sheets and pillow cases. I care a lot about my bedlinen as I spend many hours asleep in bed, LOL. I like my bedroom to be simple with little furniture and no electronics!