Saturday, September 16, 2017

Discarding things

Saturday is a rest day. That is it's a yoga free day. Psychologically this is important. There is a start and an end. To practice 6 day in a row seems doable. To practice without breaks for the rest of my life seems crazy. I have the feeling to be refreshed after one day off.

More important for me is that I have time to do all that stuff that gets postponed during the week.

We discarded things today, mainly books. This huge staple of discarded books is not yet out of the house. When the books are gone the task is finished. When I give books to friends I use to say: I'll never take anything back.

When I read a book and when I liked it I google the author and pin a picture of her or him in an album in Pinterest. About two weeks ago I was in Santiago de Compostela. I saw all these pilgrims and got interested in all these reports and diaries that were created during the pilgrimage. I read some of these books. They are not all of good quality. Each book has another focus. Everybody experiences something else. I feel good informed now about the path to Santiago without having been there.

What does the path tell me, many ask. What can I learn? One man wrote that he would never be able to walk these 800 km, but to walk to the next hostel and might it be 8 walking hours away, seems possible.
I experienced something similar in yoga. One breath at a time is the open secret to make it through a series.
Whatever one does there are basic tips that help in any discipline. One must find them and live accordingly.

Many many pilgrims pack too many things. When we were at the airport I put my luggage on the flat conveyor to get it delivered to Munich. I saw that I had 14 kg. This was the weight many pilgrims have in their rucksacks. After one day they have blisters, they are exhausted. Only 15% arrive Santiago. Every year about 10 pilgrims die on the path. Many are simply not prepared. Many don't exercise in advance. They don't listen to the advice from more experienced pilgrims. One cannot carry more than 10% of the own body weight, rather less than more.

Back to my books. I save a picture of the author on Pinterest when I've read a bood. I add the title of the book that I read from this author. It reminds me of the author. When I want to read the book again, I have to buy it again. This is so much cheaper to pay rent for it and to clean it again and again. This album also gives me ideas what I want to read next. Creating these albums helps me to let go of all these books.

The life style of a yogi is simple. I love space. Things have the bad habit to steal my time. They need to get organised, cleaned and so on. Less is more.

Today I created room. I cleaned, dusted huge areas of the book shelf.

I'm ready for a yoga practice tomorrow.


DebbS54 said...

Great idea for books, Ursula. I've been purging them also. Our library actually sells donated books, I need to bring another big bag full again that has been lingering in the trunk of my car.

My daughter (who now lives in France) did part of the Santiago walk this Spring with a classmate from high school. Very difficult, tough stuff. It was her intention to only do a few days as she was then traveling to the US (Nappa in California) Greece, Alps, Spain and other destinations. The friend did complete it, and it was so life changing for her, she found a new sense of peace and she feels empowered to conquer challenges, it sounds intriguing. I like my life challenge of trying to be on my mat more as a better choice for me. Here's to happy practices for us all!

Om Shanti, der U..

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, dear Debb for still reading my blog.

That it's so hard to pilgrim till Santiago is part of the game, I think. It's sort of repentance. When I realized this I was out.

At first I even wanted to get to Santiago from Munich. I imagined myself already walking in the rain with my rucksack day in day out. The more stories I read, the more I thought it's already fashion.
But yes, it can be amazing.

I love to read that your daughter is traveling so much. She seems to have an exciting life.

I'll keep practicing yoga. Breathing. A simple life. Asanas. Being flexible. That's my world.

Om Shanti. :)

Regine Karpel said...

Have a blessed night.

Anna said...

I got rid of all my books except for a few that I like to consult a lot (mostly wellness). I was anxious for a while about a home with so few books but realised that a lot of my concern was about the judgement of others. It's so freeing to discard that notion. Now I have some on an iPad and I keep a list of what I want to read on Amazon wishlist. Like you, I find it easier to buy and read (and make notes) and give the book away than keep shelves and shelves of dusty old books.