Friday, September 01, 2017

A new month - time to refresh the resolutions

My resolutions these days are practicing daily. A short modest practice will do. It's difficult not to go to the limits every day. My goal is to avoid pain. Doing less is better than going through a series that creates pain afterwards. My body must unlearn to feel pain. I want to interrupt the circle that is: I practice, pain comes either already during the practice or afterwards, I stop practicing, pain fades away, I practice again, pain returns, I stop practicing, pain fades away, I practice again and so on.............Adjustments are necessary. I was very creative.
After my yoga practice I must be able to take steps without pain. If I have to pull myself upstairs I did too much.

Today I practiced half primary. It felt exhausted enough. My focus is the vinyasas. I see the importance to build strength to protect my joints.

The closing sequence is very short these days. It's lotus pose. It's remembering myself that I have very good reasons to be content with my life and my yoga practice, too.

I'll find time to do pranayama today. Deep breathing calms the mind. Deep breathing gives the message that all is OK. There is no reason for worrying.

The sun is shining......... Time to go out.


Christophe BERNARD said...

Merci pour votre blog que j'apprécie beaucoup, je l'ai découvert il y a 2 jours et je lis régulièrement vos posts en commençant par 2006 ;)
C'est comme un roman en fait!!! Et je trouve beaucoup d'informations utiles à le lire. Et j'aime aussi beaucoup votre vision très intime et personnelle du yoga.
Je pratique moi même le Yoga Ashtanga depuis 2003.
J'attends vos prochains messages avec joie.


Ursula Preiss said...

Merci beaucoup, Christophe.

Je vais continuer d'écrire.