Saturday, June 10, 2017

Maty Ezraty on Ashtanga Yoga

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!


Anna said...

She's great. In my opinion, your personal growth (arising from this SI pain) has been a letting go of rigidity and rules (adherence to which Ashtanga tends to foster and encourage). I don't know you personally - I might be wrong!

Ursula Preiss said...

Dear Anna, I'm more or less forced to practice on my own. Most of my time I practiced on my own. Many years I went once a week in a yoga class. Then another Ashtanga teacher offered three times a week Mysore classes. I switched to his schedule. On the other days I was alone at home and I explored a lot. My practice was never rigid. Then another teacher offered Mysore classes every day. In the beginning I wanted to support him. I was fed up with unfocused classes. Looking back it was a mistake to go every day to this Mysore classes. I loved the community. I surely learned a lot. My concentration improved. It was a lot of fun. But now I'm injured and daily life is influenced by my back pain. I lost most asanas, I practiced already third series asanas. Almost all asanas were taken away from me, only because kapotasana was not correct. I don't blame a teacher. It's a general development in the community that Ashtanga yoga is taught that strict. I'm out now. Not out of yoga. For the time being I don't see myself in a yoga class. Also this might change again one day.