Friday, April 28, 2017

Luck is on my side

Today we have rainy weather. Tomorrow the sun will come out, partly it will be cloudy. On my birthday it will be warm and sunny. And on Monday it will rain again.
This entertains me a lot. This morning it even snowed. The roofs were all white. And exactly on my birthday in 2 days it will be sunny and bright. A big thank you flies to the weather makers in the sky.


Anonymous said...

17C is hardly "Heiter" but it's better than 3C for sure! At least you are having rain. In England "April showers" are well known - but so far this month we have had nothing but a tiny shower in the last two days. We are watering the garden already!

Best wishes for a happy birthday.

Oh and on my massage course in Thailand last month I found out two things about SI joint instability. 1: If one joint is 'unstable' the chances are the opposite one is too tight so work on getting that one more mobile. I other words use your tennis ball on the one that doesn't hurt not the one that does. 2: SI problems are often associated with piriformis problems. (This we know already) but the new thing is that piriformis will often not release until you treat both Quadratus Lumborum AND and area at the back of the knee under the head of the fibula which is often sore.

Ursula Preiss said...

Dear Mike,

we have a sunny day here. It's great to feel alive and to have friends.

Thank you also for your tips. I'll follow your advice. It seems that you became very experienced in Thai massage already.
Thank you for reading my blog for such a long time and thank you for your greetings.

Anna said...

Happy 😊 Birthday 🎉 wishes for Tuesday from me in New York City! It has been hot here -- late 20s. How will you pass the day?