Thursday, March 09, 2017

Wall walking

Wall walking is a very effective technique. It helps to stretch the arms. It's possible to push the body forwards to stretch the hip flexor. The chest muscles get stretched, too. When walking down the wall, the spine rounds. This feels so good afterwards. ­čś«

It's helpful to have external clues. I know now exactly the distance of my feet to the wall. My goal is to reach the floor with my hands. I'll track it. To track anything is so motivating.

My timer will help me the next time to hold this pose longer. A timer is also an external support.

Kapotasana is a very demanding pose. Just doing it every day after 90 min of primary is not enough. I did that for 6 years. I focus on second series these days.

My method to learn kapotasana finally:
1. I have tiny goals. Also this pose can be learned step by step.
2. I repeat this asana
3. I do preparation asanas like split pose
4. I take pictures.
5. I'll work with my timer to hold this pose longer.

This morning it was not so easy to start practicing again. No breakfast before a practice, I told myself. Quickly I was on my mat. When it's difficult to start I plan less. As so often I got surprised. I had a lovely practice.

Breakfast NOW.

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