Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Time - keep it simple

Ashtanga yoga is time-consuming. It's not only the practice, it's pranayama and meditation. It's commuting to the classes. I shower much more often, that is before and after the practice. I could go on.

Because this practice is important to me and because it's so time-consuming I got reminded again and again: Keep it simple. Everything.

Several questions help: 
1. Which activities are really important. What can be omitted. Example: watching TV, being online.
2. Less things simplify every life. One must care for things, too. They must be cleaned i.e. Less is more.

Being organized:
Nevertheless things must get done. I always try to organize myself better, so that it seems as if I've less to do.
I have strong routines:
1. I make the bed every morning
2. I do the dishes after every meal.
3. I brush my teeth after every meal. I mention this because it's helpful if you have strong routines.
4. I close the curtains at night and I open them in the morning.

There are tasks that I like to postpone. They exist.

I experimented. I tried to add activities to those strong routines. It didn't work.
But to do one of these 'difficult' tasks before a routine works very well.
That way I feel very prolific.

What's your tip?
How do you fly through your days?
Your comments are very welcomed. 

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