Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Is there protein in it?

When I started Yoga over 30 years ago it was clear, a yogini doesn't eat meat. It's possible to survive without doing harm to other creatures. One should live a life full of respect for other creatures on this planet. 

There are few rules, but to live a life in peace with others is one of the few rules. 

It seems clear that muscles are build of protein. If one wants to get stronger it's recommended to eat protein. I even think that I felt so weak years ago, because my nutrition was not adjusted to my lifestyle of 2 and a half hours of Ashtanga yoga. Some poses didn't improve. I felt too weak. I think now that more protein would have made my life easier. 

No matter what sports one wants to do, nutrition is as important as the sportive activity itself. 
The asana practice is so demanding in Ashtanga yoga, that it's a must to reflect on what we eat. 

In the meantime I know people who don't go to restaurants anymore. In restaurants quantity is important, not quality. If one wants to eat well, one must become a chef. 

I go so far to say: An advanced yogini can also prepare delicious and healthy meals. 

I analysed my food with that fitbit tracker. 


Anna said...

We don't goto restaurants much anymore. As soon as I realised that almost everything is cooked in vegetable oil I stopped.

Ursula Preiss said...

I think it's even worse. Restaurants open cans. It's often fast food. I usually eat too much and regret it the other day.

Anna said...

Me too.

Anna said...

Me too. Even when I eat in veggi restaurants I afterwards feel 'overloaded' and my stomach doesn't approve. For me it is best if I cook myself. However, I think it is nice and cosy and fun to eat with friends in restaurants, and have a glass of wine, now and then :)

Anna 2

Ursula Preiss said...

I so agree, Anna2. Vegetarian food became rather fat and heavy, too. Vegan food even was often not filling. Yet these days the vegan community has discovered cakes and cookies and sweets. So it's also possible to eat vegan in a very unhealthy way.

My body changed over the years (I got older). Alcoholic beverages don't feel good anymore, so I skip them. These days I love cold non-sparkling water in a sophisticated glass. :)

Anna said...

Yes, I know the day is coming that my body says NO to alcohol; it already is giving me straight signals. It is only a matter of ehh years? (I am 42 now).

I now realise that with ashtanga yoga and living a healthy life style there is a point of no return. At least I think for me that is the case.

Do you remember when you stopped drinking alcohol? I like the idea of the water in a sophisticad glass. You still have to make a party for yourself :)

Anna said...

Yes, sparkling water with lemon and an ice cube in a wine glass is the way to go!

Anna 1