Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Second series feels better

To start a yoga practice with pain is difficult. So after my last primary back pain returned and I stopped practicing again. Instead of yoga I walked. 10.000 steps every day is my goal. To walk is great, but this cannot be everything.

Today I practiced again. Back bending feels better than all these forward bending asanas of primary. Second series is much more balanced.

One hour I practiced. Oh my, I got weak. I still profit from 12 years daily yoga practice. I'm so far away from exercising the whole series. I'm working on it.

So tomorrow another practice is planned.

Picture: It's my substitute for pashasana. Twists feel good, but I also want to relax when in a pose. I do this relaxing pose whenever my back aches.

I'm healing, I think so, I believe so.


DebbS54 said...

It is so wonderful to read a blog post from you again, dear U.. Healing journeys can be difficult, but also a time for insight, you share so openly and authentically. I am a very appreciative reader!
OM Shanti, Debb S

Snezha said...

Dear Ursula, I think I understand you more than anybody else. Yes, it is so difficult - to start practicing when in pain. And it does not matter what kind of pain it is - headache, shoulder, knee, foot, even a little baby finger!
First you get mad at yourself and the pain is even more than before, then you modify realizing that the practice has to be different, that you can't enjoy by pushing a bit deeper into the pose, that you have to be patient...

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you Debra,
thank you Snezha,

Your words are consoling!!!