Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You heal well

Last week a tooth of mine got extracted. Yes, another one had to go. It was the last one on the right side of the lower jaw that had to leave my mouth.
Today the huge wound was checked. But all was perfect.

He: You heal well.
Me: Yes, I know.
He: Shall I inform your dentist Mr XY, that all is OK?
Me: No, this is no more my dentist. The one who treated me has left the practice. You are now my dentist.
He: I'm not a dentist. I am an oral surgeon.
Me, folding my hands in front of my chest in awe: Oh sorry.
He: It doesn't matter.
Me: Can you recommend a dentist?
He thought for a while and then his assistant had to give me a business card. I'm happy about this recommendation.

To get a tooth extracted is no fun. One can bear it. But I remember, I sat already on this chair when the thought came up: Run away, run away, it's still time. But I kept sitting in that chair and soon the oral surgeon (now I know it better) came and gave me the injections. This hurts. And here my yoga practice helps me. I know how to relax when feeling discomfort. I keep breathing. I focus on the breath. This calms. I learned not to draw back. You do very well, he said when this initial work was done. And I thought, that I'm an advanced yogini. Keep practicing, I told myself, too. Silently.

Then after 5 min the tooth got extracted. This is awful. It's not really painful, but awful and bloody. Afterwords he showed me the tooth and it was so rotten. It was totally black around the root. 2 years ago I got an expensive crown on it. A few months back another dentist wanted to clean the tooth during a surgery. The flesh should be cut, the tooth should get exposed this way. Also this treatment would have been only good for the purse of the dentist. This tooth was in pieces.
My dental hygienist who saved me from this treatment uses to say about dentists: They always work on something, their boat, their house, their vacation. I add: And at some point they are divorced and this costs money, too. Who cares about the patients.

I asked the oral surgeon of today if everything is OK. It is. I also feel it. When I'm courageous enough, I'll count how many teeth I still have. To have ill teeth in the mouth and permanent inflammations is not the solution.

And yes, I heal fast and I can also relax when getting an injection, when getting a tooth extracted. I think this is because of my yoga practice, as mentioned already. Yoga taught me to focus on the breath. One learns to relax and not to draw back when pain sets in. I don't talk about sudden pain. Yet when practicing yoga stretching discomfort can be felt. We stand it. We learn how to stand discomfort. Pain doesn't equal pain. Yet this huge topic deserves another post.

How to finish this post?
I wondered why this tooth was in such a bad condition. I blame sugar for it. Nutrition is so important. I'll reduce the consumption of sugar even more. Especially this industrial white sugar. Some health apostle even warn to eat an apple, because it has fructose, a form of sugar. If one has diabetes, it might be necessary not to eat fruit anymore. But an apple has so much more important ingredients, vitamins i.e.. This is my opinion. It developed through life and own experience. And I read a lot of books about nutrition. As a yogini I respect other creatures, I don't eat them. And from now on I think twice when I want to eat anything with too much sugar.

Eat well, move, stay optimistic.

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