Tuesday, January 24, 2017


1. I know people who simply do what they want to do, always and now.
2. I also know people who postpone everything and don't do what they want to do or what they pretend what they want to do.

I'm between these extremes. 
When a habit is formed it's easier to be disciplined. But I also know times when I fell off the wagon. Then it  became difficult to get back to routines. 

Getting up at 5 am and going to a yoga class requires discipline. For me it felt like going to work. It became easier every day. Soon it was no challenge at all to get to work. Who does not go to work?

To practice alone is much more difficult. But I'm back.

It makes sense to observe oneself. What exactly is it that makes me do anything. One can be one's own role model. 

I have a  plan and this gives me enormous energy and motivation. I want to take pictures of the Ashtanga yoga series, one by one. Every day I take another one till I reach a pose that is lost. Then this pose will be my focus for a month or till it's mastered. By now I only think of the standing asanas. I'm so curious. 

Without discipline nothing will get accomplished ever. To ask oneself what gets me going is an important question. It differs from person to person. 

Building routines help to be disciplined: Same time, same place, same beginning.
It's also useful not to question every day if one shall practice or not. Just doing it, is it. 

Next pose is utthita trikonasana. 

Learning to be disciplined is often the very first step in anything one wants to learn. 

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