Thursday, June 02, 2016


Oh my, I'm sick.  I got a cold, my throat is rough, I cough. I feel lousy and I have a bit higher temperature than usual. With fever a practise is not possible. Perhaps I'll have the energy to sit and to do pranayama, if my clocked nose allows it.

A cold is awful, but it's nothing in comparison to the influenza I had a month ago. The bacteria of this influenza had me in its grip. I felt closer to death than to life. My words were: I'm so exhausted. Then I was too exhausted to add anything. My body was burning, due to the high fever.

To gulp is painful today. I feel weak, but not that exhausted. At 7am I got up, took a shower, made the bed. To move is good. I can rest later again. But not to leave the bed doesn't support the healing process. One knows this in the meantime.

Motivation to practise is very high, but the body needs a rest day or two.
What can I do? Nothing.......

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