Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Taking pictures for Instagram

Today I took pictures during my practise. This interrupts the flow. Yet pictures give me feed-back. And I needed some more pictures for Kino's challenge on Instagram: #mayibeginyoga2016 .

My SI joint and the muscles around are still under stress. That's why I skipped the practise yesterday. Today I practiced one hour. This is so perfect. All asanas will improve with time. I'll get back to my flexibility and strength, too. It's important to enjoy the practise. Sometimes a shorter joyful practise is better than a long one that hurt too much.

Today I wanted to go to a Mysore class. I'm so out of my rhythm. I read till midnight. Of course I'm tired then in the morning. It seems impossible to get up at 7am. In order to be on time at a Mysore class I must get up at 5am. So tomorrow I'll get up at 6am. This is the plan. And the day after tomorrow I might be ready again to get up at 5am without an awful 'Jetlag'. It makes no sense to be tired on the mat.
To get to classes again means to leave my comfort zone. On the other hand I could need that kick that I usually get from group sessions.

Sleep is so important. We need 8 hours or more.
Healthy food is so important, too.

Being a yogini is a life style. Nothing else.

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