Friday, May 13, 2016

Stiff, weak and painful - primary done

The title doesn't 100% reflect what I'm feeling now after Ashtanga yoga primary. Yes, I got stiff, weak and my back hurt. BUT after a week of practicing yoga I'm less stiff and I got stronger. Only the back didn't improve compared to yesterday.

Feeling stiff and being stiff is of course something else. My physio therapist thinks that I'm very flexible. She recommends that I work on my strength. It's all relative.

Comparing my flexibility of today with my flexibility one year ago I desperate. I also know that I can regain my strength and my flexibility. To practise on a daily basis is the path. Just doing the work is more supportive than judging and comparing........

During the treatment at the physio therapist we also talk a lot. I appreciate to listen to her experiences. Most people who undertake a surgery have high hopes to go on as usual after the surgery. But one week in bed usually changes a lot. Most people are shocked. A week in bed is a cut in every life. One has to start again. One has to accept the ups and downs. This is not only easy, it requires a lot of willpower.

After the first sun salutations I wanted to give up. Do I need music, I wondered? But no, I prefer to listen to my breath. For me yoga is a concentration exercise. I don't want to have too much distraction when I practise yoga.
I changed my attitude: Take it easy. Go with the flow. Observe what is possible. Less ambition, more joy. And voilà. It's done and I'm happy.

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