Monday, May 09, 2016


The back pain because my SI joint is not functioning as it should be is only on the right side. My interpretation is that my practise over the period of 2 years was not balanced.

My body became unbalanced.

One example is padmasana. It is a strict rule in the community that one always has to take the right leg first. The reason for this shall be the nadis that nobody has ever seen. It is more or less an esoteric concept.

Padmasana is an advanced yoga pose. It requires hip flexibility. If the hips are not open enough pressure on the knees is caused. This is to avoid.

How I learned this pose:
1. Firstly I only put one foot on my straight leg as high as possible. Then I bowed forward.
Then I repeated the same exercise with the other side.
2. If this is possible I folded into lotus pose. I used a timer. As soon as the pose became very painful, I changed legs. Then I took a break. My first goal was to hold the pose for 5 minutes.
I practiced this pose whenever I had the opportunity. Often it was at night when I watched TV.

Padmasana is the classic meditation pose as it allows to sit upright easily. So, it's an important asana.

In the first Ashtanga series  one needs this pose for garbha pindasana.
In the second Ashtanga series one needs this pose for supta vajrasana and karandavasana.

The pose is introduced when the finishing sequence is learned. Padmasana is the first asana every student learns as a very first closing asana. Later more asanas are added.
Urdhva padmasana, pindasana, matsyasana, baddha padmasana, yoga mudra, padmasana and utplutih are asanas with the folded legs. They are all asanas at the end of a practice. Every day.

No matter which series one exercises padmasana is exercised eight or nine times every day. And it's hold longer then 5 breaths, because asanas of the closing sequence are held longer to calm down.

I was shocked when I tried again padmasana with the left leg first after 2 years of having taken always the right leg first. The left side was so much stiffer and inflexible than the right side.

So this is the first that I changed when it was clear that I cannot join Mysore classes anymore with my back pain. I alter the legs when I do padmasana and it's variations. Only when I practise garbha pindasana I always take the right leg first.

Yes, I practiced today. My body gets used again to the practise. 90 min were enough with all this back pain. It's so disappointing that I've lost so many poses. I want to turn the time backwards. I know, this is not possible. After having tried to take a leg behind the head I gave up and started the closing sequence. I have ideas how I can relearn it.
Highlights: I did twice urdhva dhanurasana.

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