Monday, May 30, 2016

Kino's May challenge is over

Kino's May challenge motivated me to practise, sometimes I only took some pictures, but this too meant that I had to move and to practise. It was not always easy to find time for a shooting, but I didn't like to omit an asana. Tomorrow is still another pose on the list, the relaxing pose. As it's difficult to show 31 pictures in one pictures, I'm happy with the 30 pictures in one picture only.

I'm still so disappointed. So many poses are lost. My back pain gets better and better, but it's still there. I have no disciplined morning routine anymore. I fight to stay motivated, but often I give priority to other activities. What shall motivate myself now as the May challenge is over? I have to find something......

I'm glad that more and more also advanced yogis point at the rigidness of today's teaching of Ashtanga yoga. I got injured because of this, after decades of intensive yoga practise. The only way out of this valley is to practise and to adjust the practise to my needs. Less complaining, more action.

How long will I be able to sit here without pain in the back again, I wonder.

However, I have to find a way out of this crises, I have to. One has to move to stay healthy. I'll alter my practise, for sure.

- more back bending
- less vinyasas
- strength training

And I want to get back to a daily yoga routine. It's not a satisfying yoga practise when I stretch while watching TV.

It's the concentration, the focus that makes yoga so interesting.

Tomorrow is another opportunity to step on the mat. Might it happen. At 7am.
To focus on second series, could be a good idea.

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