Sunday, May 08, 2016

It's frustrating

I practiced half of second series today on a Sunday.
I'm no more familiar with the routines in Mysore. Saturday was been a day off, but I heard that it's now Sunday. For me it's important to practise primary at the end of an exhausting week.  It shall avoid injuries. Injuries happen easier if the body is exhausted. Primary is the easiest series out of the four. To have Sunday as a day off is great for me. In Germany the shops are all closed. It's usually a calm day, perfect for a first yoga practise.

As written already: I got weak, stiff and my back (SI joint and the muscle around) hurts. This makes my practise difficult and I need a lot of discipline to keep practicing. Yet this IS my priority. I want to get back to an early morning practise. Today another tiny step in the right direction was done.

I have to fight again for every inch. Leg behind head poses are not possible anymore. Back bending is more than lousy. This is my starting point.
It helps me that I remember how I've learned these asanas. Might this speed up my 'coming back'.

To motivate myself, I circle the days on which I practiced. This is fun.

The plan was to join a Mysore class  next week. I feel far away to join a group session. Within a week a lot can happen and perhaps after the next week I'll feel ready......

My title today is: It's frustrating.
This is the challenge now, not to dive into that feeling too deeply, but to do the work. Action shoos away heavy thoughts. It's good to focus on what is possible.

Tomorrow I want to start at 8am. Second series till Tittibhasana C. It's OK to indicate some poses.
I want to use a timer for headstand. To hold the pose for 2 min is the goal.

Yepeeee, I practiced. My experience tells me that each practise makes the next one a tiny bit easier. Every day it gets easier to step on the mat. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'm so curious what I'll be able to do tomorrow.

No picture today as blogger doesn't allow me to upload one.

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