Sunday, May 22, 2016

I joined is a website that motivates to work on one's goals. First you enter your goal, then you decide how often you want to work on it. That's it. Each time you work on your goal you click on it. The design of the page is inviting. It creates statistics. It works. I practiced.

Today is Sunday and I started with Ashanga second series. My timer was set for 90 min. I finished earlier. This is a good sign. It tells me that less pauses happened. There was flow. I didn't dawdle. Half of second series must be done in less time. So within that time frame I had time for pranayama, too.

I see progress. Yet I'm far away from where I've been a few months ago. The practice was not pain free, I guess I have to get used to it.

So my yoga week has started today.

Another goal that I have is to practice three times a week Callisthenics. No matter what sportive activity you do, strength is always important. It shall support my yoga practice.
Promised I dedicate a post to this great strength training.

I'm so glad when I manage it to practice. I'll leave this valley of stiffness and weakness. I'll get strong and flexible again.

The sentence 'Practice and all is coming' is so wrong. Of course from nothing, nothing comes. But the sentence must be: Practice CORRECTLY and all is coming.' Otherwise one risks injuries in the worst case. Not making progress is another consequence if one practices the wrong way.

I remember that we had English at school, 5 times a week over 10 years. When we left school we weren't able to have a conversation with a person whose mother language was English. We learned the wrong stuff. This is only another example that it's very important to practice correctly.

I personally don't want to kill my time with ineffective exercises. Point. And now I'm even injured. Damned.

Sunshine here in Germany. I'm loving it.

Time to get 'Brötchen' from the bakery. I want to pamper my E with something fresh.

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