Friday, May 06, 2016

Friday primary

Oh yes, I did it. I just checked my SI joint. I don't feel it. This was different when I practiced today. And yesterday evening after a long Photoshop session it even hurt a lot. This is over. Now is the moment. And NOW I feel good.

I read too many books on success. The thought 'only those who give up have lost' guides me. This sentence serves as a mantra. The mantra 'I can' is not so useful as I see that I cannot.

I got stiff, weak and I have this SI issue. These three factors accompany me through my practise with all the consequences. Who cares? I pick me up where I am. Focus is the breath and not the perfect performance of the first series. Even though the breath got worse, too. I often fear that sudden pain comes up. Fear makes me hold the breath. Then I remember myself to breathe and I move on.

Why recovered my SI injury:
1. I can do trikonasana on both sides.
2. I sleep better. I don't wake up from pain when I want to turn around.
3. The physio therapy is no more so painful. And the treatment goes deeper.
4. I don't need pain killer anymore.
5. Often I can stand up from a sitting position without pain. And I can stand up fast.

This is something.

Back to my practise.
I needed 40 min for the sun salutations (I did only four) and the standing asanas. Usually I need 20 min. I move very slowly into every posture because I want to have the correct alignment, but I also fear pain.
I had to omit almost all the vinyasas. I did the counter pose, upward facing dog, when I thought it was necessary.

Hallelujah I practiced. Before breakfast. One hour and 35 min I was on my mat and exercised asanas and deep breathing.

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