Sunday, May 15, 2016


I practiced. It was already afternoon when I started. This might help, because when I practise later I'm a tiny bit more flexible.

I'm shocked how fast I lost asanas that were easy to me. But I'm also happy that I realize that I progress. I don't have the energy by now to move me through second series. After the leg behind head poses I'm done. The leg behind head poses are only exercises towards these asanas. The direction is clear.... haha........

Focus was there, I even sweated. Relaxing pose felt as deserved.

So the first out of 6 practises is done. I'm ready for the next one...... tomorrow.
No, my back complains and hurts. Nevertheless, I know now the best I can do is to move.

I joined Kino's May challenge on Instagram #mayibeginyoga2016. It's motviating.......

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