Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A new beginning

My 57th birthday is over now. A new year has started for me. The little birthday party is over, too. The day after the birthday party is over, too. I needed this day off as I still had guests and I was still in the after-party-mood.

Today was the day. Even before having had breakfast I was on the mat. Very motivated. The words of the orthopedist still ring in my ears: "Those who sit on the sofa have much more often back issues, than those who move. It would be a pity if you gave up your yoga."

I won't give it up. Kino MacGregor has started an Instagram challenge: #mayIbeginyoga2016
This challenges me. The asanas seem doable for me. The challenge for me is to step on the mat regularily.

Tomorrow another six back treatments start. I need them. Daily life and the yoga practice are still influenced by this little SI joint. It's dancing it's own dance. Get in line, babe.

But it's all better. Is it?
- Yes, because I don't need pain killers anymore.
- My sleep is better. I can turn around at night without waking up to support my hips to turn around.
- Most of the time I'm painfree

To sit for some time is still painful.

My practice became sooooo slow. This allows me to be very attentive.
Today I practiced second series till after the twists. The vinyasas are gone, but it's all coming back. I must be patient with myself.

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