Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A gift from the Gods...

Wow, what a practice. So much more than expected was possible. Today I focused on primary. It was possible to take my legs behind my head, one after the other. But I thought the pose was lost. I thought it would take years to get back to this pose. Yep, the leg didn't stay there, I had to hold it.

I could do chakrasana and setu bandhasana. It was not possible to hold it for a long time. Of course not, because I lost strength. Incredible that it was possible, but it was.

I alter primary to my needs. Vinyasas are practised only after an asana and not between sides. I also group asanas. Quality over quantity. 70 intensive minutes on the mat are enough. It's better to practice correctly than whipping oneself through too many poses and vinyasas.

Last night I couldn't sleep in. After midnight I got up again and opened my flickr account. I got so enthusiastic about my pictures. So much was possible already. It so motivated me. I'll get back to this, was my thought. This is possible. I love to see my body in crazy asanas.

Today the focus was forward bending. Tomorrow I'll focus on back bending, that is second series mainly. But I want to get back to the full series as soon as possible.

Wow, miracle happen. I needed such a practice like today.

This morning I got up and my back felt good. This was new, too. This helped.

I lean back and enjoy this gift from heaven.

I remember my physio therapist: work on strength, too. Yes, I won't forget this. A post on Calisthenics will come soon

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