Tuesday, May 10, 2016

90 min asana practise

90 min asana practise and 10 min relaxation are behind me. Yepee I did it. It's the third intensive asana practise in a row. And the performance of the asanas were slightly better than yesterday and the day before yesterday. I cannot say the same about the pain.

I know now that it was not the best decision to stop practicing. Yet the pain demotivated me that much, that I had enough. I preferred to go to bed late. In the morning I preferred to dawdle and to pamper my dear E. Not moving is never an alternative. This I know now. Sooner or later comes the moment where one has to start again. It's easier to keep the ball rolling than to start from a passive position.

My home practises are exercises in the right direction. After the leg behind head poses I stop and do the closing sequence. I set a timer when I do headstand. Today I was not able to hold the pose 2 min. It's OK. I learned to embrace my fate. Life is about exploring the possibilities. Every day.

Yesterday I had another session with the physio therapist. She is great. She recommends exercises for the abdomen. Strong abdomen protect the back. It makes no sense to integrate the exercises with my yoga practise. So there will be an afternoon session. I know that strong abdomen are good.

Again it got all better. I can do trikonasana on both sides. This is something.

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