Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It was 9am...

It was 9am when I started my Ashtanga yoga practise. I lost strength and flexibility. I'll gain it back. So what.

The joy that I could come up from Trikonasana on both sides dominated every other feeling. My back allowed me this movement without pain.

I simply must keep practicing. Afterwards I felt so good. I hope I can still say this when I wake up tomorrow morning.

My program today:
- Surya namaskara
- All standing asanas
- Second series till ustrasana
- Could lift me up to urdhva dhanurasana
- Closing sequence
- Pranayama

This is a lot. I practiced sooooo sloooooowly. Attention and an even breath is more important than rushing through all the asanas.

It's motivating to document the own practise. I need this support. So, yep, I practiced.

I set a timer for 90 minutes. The asana practise shall not be longer. It's enough if one does the wright things. So till tomorrow.

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