Monday, March 14, 2016

Today's highlights

Today I tried if it's possible to do trikonasana on the left side. Oh, what was I glad that it was possible. I couldn't get out of the pose elegantly, but I also didn't fall on my nose or elsewhere because back pain didn't allow me to hold the pose. The pain moved. Now the muscles are involved. I think it's easier to treat the muscles than a tiny joint that is blocked.

One hour was enough for a new start. I so take care that I take my time for the rest pose. Being able to relax is a skill that can be exercised, too.

The lower back can be protected when the bandhas are engaged. This is so important. Engaged abdominal and engaged pelvis floor give stability and protection. To engage these muscles make a practice safer, it can protect from injuries.

The start:
I do surya namaskara A 5 times. Surya namaskara B is not possible.
The middle part:
Today I practiced second series till ustrasana. I added my special exercises for the back.
The closing sequence:
As I lost consciousness and fell on my head when I had this influenza my head still hurts when I lie on the mat. So the closing sequence exists of headstand and the three last poses in padmasana.
Then I relax for 10 min.

Today this was it, yet I want to add pranayama and meditation again.

During today's session I wanted to take pictures. I was so curious how my asana would look like. My body got weaker, that's why I felt relatively flexible. To work on strength is important. For me baby steps in the right direction is enough. My practice is very attentive. I focus on correct performance of the asanas.

The practice today made me optimistic that one day this nightmare will be over. Might it be soon. I also realized that I can do a lot, not everything, but a lot. A yogini is content.

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