Friday, February 05, 2016

On yoga rooms

It often begins with Ganesh, the Indian God who shall be able to remove business obstacles. He often seems to do his work well. So the next step of the owners of yoga shalas is to buy props for the students. There are mats, rolls to relax. Capitalism is not lazy and tries to read from the eyes of the yoginis every wish they might have. In the meantime there exist also props for headstand. They are place-consuming. Soon the storage rooms are overloaded with stuff. What to do? There is still the entrance room and the practice room.
Soon stuff uses up room there, too. This invites to leave also music instruments there after classes. Some teacher don't put the gadgets back to a place where these gadgets belong to. Or is there no room anymore? So other teachers try to move the gadgets from other teachers in a corner.
The better Ganesh works, the more yoginis come and they leave their mats in the shala.

Every shala also needs a shop. Yoginis want something to drink, the latest magazines and of course fancy clothes. Books, jewelery, lotions, parfum...... you name it, you get it in yoga shalas.
Not that I damn this. It's often necessary to have a shop in order to being able to finance the shala. Soccer clubs do merchandising, too and this IS the income source.

Ganesh is only the first God who has the honor to reside in yoga rooms. Soon other Gods are allowed to move in. Oh yes and each yoga style has gurus and masters and pictures from last events. They need a place in the shala in form of pictures on the floor and on the wall.

Some flowers please? Flowers give a yoga room something fresh, isn't it?

Slowly but surely the yoga rooms become a mess.

Who is cleaning behind all that stuff standing around everywhere? Nobody. The next step is that the shalas get dirty. Is there a God who takes care of dust clouds and hair of yoginis?

My personal taste:
A yoga room is empty.
A yoga room is clean.
A yoga room is warm.

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