Tuesday, February 02, 2016

"Come back."

I got an Email from a yogini on Sunday. "Come back," she wrote.
This is a message from universe via this yogini, I think. I know that I want to practice in a group several times every week. But even more important is that I need a school with a teacher who allows me to  practice in a way so that my back is safe. Where can I practice that individually? I know it's teacher #2.

I was almost relieved when I realized that this is indeed a possibility.
Times have changed and what he offers is much more attractive than 2 years back. The Mysore classes start at 7am till 10 am, five or six times a week. I don't want to practice till lunch time anymore.
At 9am I'll be through my practice and I can go to the Viktualienmarkt to have a fruit drink there.

Yesterday I picked up my yoga mat from the 'old' shala. It was emotional difficult. I loved the atmosphere in the shala and also the committed yoginis and the enthusiasm of our teacher. I'll miss it.
The fact is that after 2 years of almost daily yoga practice there, I'm injured. Five years ago I was able to do much more than I'm able to do now.
But I have also learned a lot and what I've learned is very precious. I focus on one thing. It is to have strong legs when doing back bending.

After having picked up the yoga mat yesterday I stopped at a restaurant, it was rather a bar and I ate an awful salad. The leaves were swimming in sour dressing. I read 'Adieu Paris'.
Later I watched TV, so the sitting time was too long. I don't know how I made it to bed. To get from upright position to a horizontal position caused cramps. These painful happenings last not so long, but it's a sign that all can get worse. It limits how I live. I got assured that I cannot go on as usual.

This morning I practiced. Slowly. After kapotasana I did urdhva dhanurasana. This was it. It's easy to practice safe when at home. I hope that I don't feel forced to follow any rules that are not good for me when I'm in a group setting.

For me the Ashtanga rules have one intention: They are an orientation for the mass of yoginis. Individuality is cut out. But I am an individual. I feel free to adjust this practice to MY needs. Especially now.

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