Friday, February 19, 2016

Ashtanga yoga is not a cardiovascular training

I stared at my PC at the statistic that my fitbit tool has created. This software records activities. An activity is if the body gets moved longer than 15 min. The heart rate must go up. When I practice Ashtanga yoga the heart rate goes up only when I do the sun salutations and at the end when I do urdhva dhanurasana, back bending. Yet it's so short that the system doesn't record it. Fitbit only recorded when I walked around.

This is indeed a disillusion.

It is important to do a cardiovascular training to stay fit.

To get to the yoga shala and to return exercised my cardiovascular system more than the yoga practice itself. Haha.......

The consequences: 
- When I take the steps to get to the fifth floor I'm out of breath at the end. My muscles burn like hell. - Last week I was swimming. After only 2 rows I was done.

I had the illusion that I was fit, but I'm not fit at all. I might be flexible, yes, but to be fit is something else.

Again I realize that my time was not well spent when I was two and a half hour on the mat to practice Ashtanga yoga. One and a half hour would have been more than enough. It would have been so much safer. I would have had time 6 hours left for cardio training or pranayama or meditation.
I never wanted to make Ashtanga yoga to a full time job, but this is exactly what had happened with these long long hours on the mat.

It's recommended to exercise the body minimum 3 times a week for 45 min. What to do? Swimming, jogging are cardio trainings.
It's difficult to find something that it's so attractive to me that I want to d it 3 times a week. It will be probably swimming. I can add sauna afterwards.
Brisk walking might be something else.
From now on I'll take the steps instead of the elevator whenever I'll have the choice. These little activities add up.


If I knew what a horror night I would have, I'd have taken the pills last night. I'm glad that I always find body positions that are pain free. Nevertheless I experience pain too often....
I slept 7 hours, This is enough.
This back pain is a huge limitation in my life. Yesterday I was at the hairdresser. Afterwards I wanted to pick up my handbag that stood on the floor. I was not able to bend forward. The hairdresser picked it up for me.
This pain has the potential to wear me down. I have to stay optimistic that this pain will fade away. Next week I'll have the first physiotherapy session.

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