Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What counts.....

What counts is that I practice. I strengthen the discipline muscle that way. More energy is required to step on the mat alone than to go to a Yoga school. Yet when practicing daily the practice itself becomes easier. This again makes it easier to start the practice. This is what I experienced today. My routine gets stronger, my practice gets easier.

The body is prepared again to get moved in the morning. Not at 6:30, but it's still before lunch time when I begin with the first sun salutation. And it's before breakfast.

I focus on back bending in the middle part. This is it what brings relief for the back. As crazy as it might sound, but the split pose feels good. See picture. Afterwards I feel like newborn. Back pain is blown away.

There are many good pain experts also on YouTube. Back bending is a recommendation when the SI joint and the muscles around it hurt. After all these years of stretching I need of course a bit more than just an upward facing dog, when I want to have the same relieving result than someone who doesn't move at all.

Ninety minutes of asana practice is enough.

I feel good:
1. I know what I did was good for my body.
2. At home I avoid painful asanas, this makes the practice more joyful.
3. To move brings joy. This is so.

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