Friday, January 01, 2016

First practice of the year 2016

A practice happened. As it's Friday today, I practiced primary.  So much is possible, yet the opposite is true, too. So much is no more possible. Trikonasana B, see picture, is no more possible due to my back pain. This is just an example. I needed a lot of will power today to finish my practice. I try to practice close to the original primary. I modify the poses or omit them when my back doesn't like them. I got weak, too.

I could take my leg behind my heads. Instead of supta kurmasana I did eka pada sirsasana as I consider it more balanced. This was really my highlight today. Being able to do these advanced asanas is motivating.

I'm convinced that asana practice is possible for everybody. It might not be possible to follow strict Ashtanga rules. The practice must be so flexible that it's doable and save.

My only goal for 2016 is to keep practicing.

I wish a happy healthy new year.

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