Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weak, stiff and painful

We are at home again. During our trip to South Africa I practiced perhaps twice or three times. The hotel rooms were all large enough to roll out my mat, but I wanted my back to heal. With every day my back was better. I didn't like to risk this healing process during travelling.

Yet this morning I woke up and I could scarcely bow forward. I only thought: 'NO, this cannot be true.'

Despite this back pain, I know that the body needs to be moved, it needs to get exercise to function well. For me Ashtanga yoga is the best.

In the meantime I developed an attitude: What is possible I exercise. When pain arises I try a variation or omit this asana. I can challenge myself in so many ways, i.e. I can prolong the time in headstand.

Pain started with surya namaskara B, when I stepped forward with the left leg. I seriously consider to do a few more surya namaskara A instead of the B-variation.
It was almost impossible to get out of trikonasana. Again it's the left side that causes issues. I heard myself saying: aua.

However: I focus on the breath during the practice. I limit the asana practice to 90 min. It's not a strict rule. I'm against strict rules. Yet for the time being this is enough. I added pranayama and 10 min meditation.

I was more than happy that a practice was possible, despite the restrictions. I'm even looking forward to tomorrow.

The challenge is to find every day the limits and to push them a bit. It would make me unhappy if I compared my current practice with the practice 3 months ago.

Self-study is recommended, this is what I'm doing now. I observe.

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