Friday, December 25, 2015

The practice is a guide in life

I practice despite my back pain. I want to repeat it: No matter how lousy or how good a practice feels, afterwards I'm floating above all clouds. There is never any regret that I practiced. For the time being, I must be more attentive. I omit asanas. Today I even omitted vinyasas. I felt too weak.

The practice is so motivating to follow a healthy life style. It gives me energy and strength to follow some basic rules that makes life so much better.
The practice is a pointer: don't overeat, sleep enough, sit correctly, move, breathe deeply, concentrate, be content.

Sometimes I'm disappointed that my practice is so much worse than 3 months ago. There are the daily ups and downs, but sometimes it goes deep down into the valley. It seems so. I hope I've reached the deepest part of the valley already. It seems so, but I don't expect a fast recovery anymore.
The words of a friend console me: You'll gain knowledge and insights.
This is so true. I think even that it's interesting to face difficulties. How to face them? What attitude is useful? It motivates to look at the asanas more closely to find mistakes that can be adjusted.

I counted how often I can still practice in 2015. It was 8 practices two days ago. Twice I practiced. Tomorrow I'll rest as it is Saturday. To practice alone strengthens the discipline muscle. I'm very optimistic that I'll start in the new year with a prepared body.

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