Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The injuries of the masters

B.K.S. Iyengar:
In an interview Iyengar spoke of a serious injury. He was on stage. Krichnamacharya, his teacher and relative forced him to do hanumanasana even though he had never done this pose before. He injured himself. It took more than a year till he was healed.

In one of the books by his son I read that Krichnamacharya, already above 90 years, fell out of headstand and broke a bone. He refused to go to a doctor, but believed in the healing power of yoga.

Sharath Jois:
It's an open secret that Sharath suffers from back pain. In his book he recommends some asanas to relief this pain. It's shalabasana and cat pose with a round back. He never stopped practicing.

1. Injuries can happen. Anything can be a cause. It can be lack of attention during the practice. It can be too much ambition. The cause can be wrong teaching. Sometimes injuries happen not during the practice, but in daily life.

2. Yoga has healing power, but sometimes it's good advice to see a doctor.

3. Injuries might require a lot of time to heal. We always wish to find a quick fix, yet this is not always possible. Patience is necessary. The older we are the slower can be the healing process.

4. There is good pain and bad pain. It's important to distinguish between the both. It's good advice to work around bad pain. I read from another woman who had serious back pain. She had practiced already 4th series. She adjusted the practice and omitted the advanced back bending asanas. Sharath supported her.

5. I personally learned to trust myself more than ever. I know my own body better than anyone else.

6. Injuries teach to practice more precisely. An interest in anatomy might arise. This can deepen the understanding.

7. Injuries are pointers to adjust the practice. There are always ups and downs in life. It's possible to develop a relaxed attitude. Inhaling, exhaling....

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