Thursday, December 03, 2015

The break feels good.

A break happened. I think it was 4 days ago when I practiced Ashtanga yoga the last time. This thirty minute on the mat felt good. I avoided all painful asanas. I'm a bit feverish now, so this prolongs the break.

I can't believe it, but today even after a few hours at the desk my back shows only very little pain. This is new. I think it's recovering. Perhaps it's only my hope, Time will reveal the truth.

My yoga practice will change. Yoga is about concentration. There is breathing, there are the dristis. Being a yogi is a life style. Of course there will be the asana practice, yet with much more attention and softness. Yoga has the power to heal, but it has also the power to injure.

When I want to learn a new asanas I'll apply the latest knowledge how to learn it.

Being disciplined is something one must learn alone. There will be home practices.
I want to add meditation and pranayama. It's overdue.

I had to write today. Anything. I'm again in a list of 50 best yoga blogs. This is motivating.

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