Saturday, December 05, 2015

On the sacroiliac joint - why it can hurt.

Today I read another article  (in German language) on the sacroiliac joint and why it can cause pain. It strengthens what I thought already.

We have 2 sacroiliac joints that connect the spine with the hip shovels. They are rather stable, not much movement is allowed.

It is recommended to keep the hips evenly not to burden the one joint with the ligaments and muscles around it more than the other one.
It can happen that the hips relocate when there is more pressure on the one side and this can cause pain in that joint on the one side or the other side. Uneven movements can cause that the one side is stretched too much while the other side is compressed. This causes pain.

This is in my opinion what I did wrong in the last years. I practiced too long primary. A most advanced asana is supta kurmasana. Very few people in classes are able to do it. For some it's easy. They can cross the feet in front of the head. Yet in my case with relatively short limbs I have to put my feet/legs behind my head. This is a very intensive stretch. It's always left leg first and then the right leg. After years and daily practice this caused a relocation of my hips and as a consequence the pain in my back.

The author of this article even recommended not to cross legs when sitting on a chair. She recommended to stand on both feet when standing. Even such subtle movements can cause an imbalance and pain as a consequence.

Especially these intensive asanas must challenge both sides of the body evenly if practicing safely. In second series this is so. Eka pada sirsasana i.e. exercises first the right side, then the left side.
Dwi pada sirsasana is challenging the one body side more than the other. This is why I want to omit it for a while. Another option is to repeat the pose first with right leg first, then with left leg first. One can alter the legs also on every other day.

I'm glad that I get closer and closer to the cause of this pain. I want to remove the cause. Only taking pain killers is not a solution.

To bring it down to one sentence:
The asanas of Ashtanga yoga practice are so intensive, that it's best to practice them evenly. 

Especially if one practices daily it's important to practice correctly.

My back gets better and better (after months!!!!), I think the break was good. After months the danger was there that the pain became chronically. I sit here on this chair for more than an hour. I feel this joint now, but I can stand up without support with my arms. I don't need minutes till I stand straight. Yes, it has been so awful.

I feel so impatient. I want to get back to my daily spiritual Ashtanga yoga practice.

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