Monday, December 28, 2015

Because it feels good

Oh, how disciplined I am. Also today I stepped on the mat and practiced. My asana practice lasted about one hour. I didn't feel stiff, but I wasn't flexible either. These days I'm happy when a practice is balanced and when I can do forward bending asanas, back bending asanas, twists, balancing asanas and standing asanas. It must feel good. The better I feel during and after the practice the more I want to practice the next day.

The practice is a concentration exercise. The breath, the dristis are important, the perfection of the asanas is a second priority.

Not all asanas are possible due to my back pain. I'm very relaxed. One day I'll look back and then I'll say: I had a painful sacroiliac joint, only after months it got better, but it got better.

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