Monday, November 09, 2015

Padmasana: right leg first. Really?

My goal is it to have a balanced practice. That is I don't want to focus on the legs more than on the other body parts. So many sportive activities don't challenge the body evenly. Runners get strong legs. Tennis player get the tennis arm. Body builder usually focus more on the upper body. Yet yoga has the potential to have a really balanced practice.

There are are few exceptions, exceptions that don't challenge the body evenly.

Usually the body is not 100% symmetric. Most people are right-handed. That is the right body side is stronger, the left body side is therefore weaker, yet more flexible. I always realize this when I do the twists.

It is said that one shall always take the right leg first when practicing padmasana. The reasons are the nadis. Yet what are the nadis. When searching the net one finds very different opinions. Nobody has ever seen the nadis. In the last 2 years I followed the rule: right leg first. The consequence: It's more difficult now to sit in lotus pose with left leg first. The right side and the left side of my body are no more balanced.

I'll change this again. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go for 'right leg first. On the other days I take the left leg first.

Lotus pose is an asana that is part of the series rather often:
1. Garbha pindasana
2. Kukkutasana
Here I'll always take right leg first. I get confused when I change this.

But when I do supta vajrasana I'll alter which leg I'll take first. When I'm alone I only sit for 5 breaths in the above pose.

In the closing sequence we have six poses with padmasana:
1. Urdhva padmasana
2. Pindasana
3. Matsyasana
4. Baddha padmasana
5. Yoga mudra
6. Padmasana

I'll alter which leg comes first.

Rules often make sense. But one can also question rules. Sometimes it's better to find the own rules, because nobody knows me better but myself.

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