Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The power of focus

So many thoughts cross my mind.

First my life is not yet pain free. Another sports doctor agreed that it's good to move. He even recommended to work on strength. I think I do this with Ashtanga yoga. I want to go swimming and to the sauna. Yoga and swimming complement each other.

Today I practiced again. Whenever I feel pain, I avoid it. For instance utthita parsvasahita comes with pain. So I do the form while lying on the floor.

My practice is unbalanced. I focus now on back bending. Another 2 years passed away. Back bending improved, but I'm convinced it could be better. But how should it improve? 80% of my time I practice primary, that is forward bending asanas. 20% of my time is dedicated to back bending.
Back bending comes after more than one hour of practice. By then I'm usually tired and exhausted. On one very good day I checked if I could repeat laghu vajrasana. I couldn't. I was exhausted and had no will power anymore to do a tiny extra exercise.
It must be the other way round: 
The challenging asanas must come first.
80% of my time should be spent on the asanas that I want to learn and not on those I do since 12 years.

I started slowly today with focus on the breath. I was weak and stiff. I couldn't be more relaxed about this fact. Sometimes the practice must feel good, just this. The joy that I'm back on my mat overweights the discomfort from the back.

The series are not written in stone. They serve as a guide. I hope that I'll be back to the practice as usual soon. Till then, I'm creative.

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