Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pain free is something else

Pain free is something else. But I practice again since 2 days. It was hard to start again after a break of about 3 weeks, but I have other organs, too and not only my back and they scream for yoga.
I find it very relaxing to focus on the breath. I exercise concentration. A yoga practice has so much aspects. It's not only the performance of the asanas that is important.

My practice is modified. I practice the sun salutations, the standing asanas and then I start with second series till the leg behind head poses. I try yoga nidrasana, I leave out all the primary forward bending asanas, not only because of my back. I got feed-back that my practice is unbalanced and this is so true. My forward banding asanas are so much better than my back bending asanas. This is so because I practice much much more forward bending asanas.
When I finally come to the back bending asanas after 1 hour of practice I'm already sort of exhausted. What is difficult must come first and not last.

Today is my first day without pills. The pills should eliminate the soreness. Yet when this little sacroiliac joint is still blocked, soreness will come back. I hope that my attentive yoga practice will adjust my body again.

My short-term goals are again to do a daily practice. That's all. I'll add pranayama and meditation. When my back is OK again (hope dies last), I'll get back to an ambitious asana and vinyasa practice.

During the last 12 years of daily Ashtanga yoga practice I made few mistakes.
Here they are:
1. The asanas were more important than the vinyasas.
2. I started too late with second series. 'Too much primary', I heard from advanced yoginis. I didn't know what they mean. Now I know. My practice, that is my body is exercised unevenly. Forward bending is very good, back bending is lousy therefore.
3. I used props and straps the wrong way. A strap around the legs when exercising back bending is rather a danger for the back than a support. I lost strength in my legs that is so important.  Practicing pincha mayurasna against a wall all the time enlarges the fear to fall. One must learn to fall.

My strategy: 
1. The vinyasas get much more attention.
2. What is difficult must come first. This is back bending in my case. Repetition is a secret for success. I'll work on these asanas and not just trying it once. If I use props again (I use i.e. my magic wheel), I really examine if this is supportive or not. The goal is to practice without props.
3. Till my back is healed, the back is the boss. The practice must be adjusted from one minute to the next in case of pain.

I feel much much better. Most of the time I'm pain free. Yet I still can locate this little joint because discomfort tells me: hello here I am, take care. I will.

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