Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One wrong movement and I'm on my way......

One wrong movement and I'm on my way to become an expert at psoas muscle and sacroiliac joint.

When I described the back pain the doctor, he knew at once what it was. This facilitated a lot. I could search the web in more detail. 

The doctor gave me pain killer. The pills should  eliminate the soreness in the joint. Usually when the pain disappear people relax and with this relaxation the body repositions. In my case the pills helped me as long as I took them plus one day. 

Now the pain is back. The cause is still there. This sacrioliac joint is still not in the correct position. This is why the muscle (psoas muscles) is strained. My friend sent me videos especially to this topic. The sacrioliac joint must find back to it's original position. Exercises shall help to reposition it. It helps. 

This morning I practiced primary as I realized that forward bending asanas feel good. Between the poses I added the special exercises I found online.

I omitted sun salutation B - the hero pose is painful. The trikonasana asanas were difficult on the one side. Yet the forward bending asanas and even the vinyasas could be performed very well, that is without pain at all. I practice what feels good. 

I've found a sitting position that is comfortable right now.

In the evening the discomfort is worse than in the morning. Yesterday when I was in bed I put my legs behind my head. Feet not crossed. This relieved the pain. It felt so good. We laughed. It's impossible to stay in this position all day long. 

Mood is optimistic. I've something to work on. This cannot last for an eternity. 

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