Thursday, October 08, 2015

Mr Iyengar and back pain

People went to yoga gurus because they faced challenges in their lives: Students had difficulties to concentrate during their studies. Others had illnesses. Practicing yoga was considered as a helpful method for many diseases. It helped to change the life style to a healthier one.

What recommends B.K.S Iyengar when having back pain?
I took his bible and analyzed the Asanas:
He recommends:

1. All standing positions. This would be the beginning of the Ashtanga series without the sun salutations.

2. Sirsasana plus variations. Sirsasana is an inversion asana. I practiced this yesterday and it felt good.
3. Sarvangasana plus variations. Also this is an inversion asana.

4. Jatara-Parivartanasana: This is a twist. One lies on the floor, the legs are in a 90% angle to the body and move to the left and the right side. I'll take a picture. This is not an asana that is part of the Ashtanga series.
5. Supta padangusthasana and supta parsvasahita:  It's easier to do this position than the same forms standing. I testes this yesterday.

6. Mahamudra: This is a position I have not seen so far. I must try it. It looks great.

7. Janu sirsasana: This position felt good, too. It's a forward bending asana. It relaxed my back.
8. Parivrta sirsasana: It's a variation, that is new to me. A soft twist is added.

9. Paschimottanasana: It feels good, this forward bending asana.
10.  Urdhva mukha paschimottanasana I and II: This is paschimottanasana sitting and lying.
11. parivritta paschimottanasana: This is twisting the upper body to one side and then the other side.

12. Marichyasana 1 and Marichyasana 2: Forward bending asana and twist.
13. Ardha matsyendrasana 1 and 2: Twist and forward bending asana

14. Pashasana: Twist. I wondered that Mr Iyengar even recommends such an intensive twist.

15. Malasana: A forward bending asana.
16. Adho Mukha-Svanasana:  Downdog always feels relaxing.

17. Ustrasana: What? Back bending asanas are also recommended? Yes, it is so.
18. Shalabhasana.
19. Dhanurasana.
20. Parsva dhanurasana.
21. Urdhva dhanurasana.

22. Viparita chakrasana: This is such an advanced asana. I don't even try it.
23. Dwi pada viparita dandasana. This is a back banding asana of the third Ashtanga series.

24. Mandalasana: Something for my next life.

Mr Iyengar recommends standing asanas, inversions, forward bending asanas, back bending asanas, twists.
In other words practice yoga.

There are no sun salutions and no jumping (how B.K.S Iyengar calls the vinyasas of the Ashtanga yoga series) in his list.
The order of the asanas is different than in Ashtanga yoga. This might not be of such an importance.

Yoga, the pills, Magnesium and a hot Epson bath shall finally bring me back to normal.
I'll try some asanas of this list that are new to me.

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