Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I went to the doctor

The day yesterday was perfect. I was busy, moved around. No pain at all. The more I move the better I feel, but also I have to sit from time to time. I'm learning Photoshop these days, At night I finally sat on my desk. Time passed away quickly and after a few hours I could scarcly stand up. My back hurt like hell. It's always the right side. The spot where it hurts most can be located. I don't know how I made it to the bed. There I did half yoga nidrasana, which was relaxing. I had enough.

This morning I went to the doctor. When I showed him where it hurts he said at once: Iliosakralgelenk (ISG). There is a cartilage between spine and hip that holds the both together. A wrong movement and this sublte organisation can get out of balance and this is painful. I swear it is.

I got pills. Warmth shall help. It will pass. This is good news.

On my way home I bought some vegetables. My fruit and vegetable dealer knew at once as well what I had when I described the pain. He suggested that it helps if someone pulls my legs, slowly. This can cause that the blockade goes away. Twists shall help, too. I felt at once that this could be another key to recovery.

At home I checked the Internet.
I read that often sportive people have this, too. After recovery one shall return slowly to the sportive activity.

Mr Iyengar listed a lot of asanas that shall be helpful when the back hurts. I'll exercise them. Slowly, attentively. I'm relieved to know now what it is. Quick recovery shouldn't be expected, yet with the pills I guess I'll be fully recovered in a week.
I consider a hot bath on a daily basis.

Just wonder if I gossip too much......but my experience is that one can get useful tips when sharing whatever.....

Might this post be helpful.

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